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A Conversation with Muriel Aboulrouss from Zyara


"Filmmakers as Farmers," one of the many enlightening sentences utter during Alan's conversation with Muriel Aboulrouss, a Lebanese cinematographer who is also the co-creator of the award winning documentary web-series, ZYARA, and the founder of CineJam.

In this hour-long conversation, Alan and Muriel discuss all things relating to the art of filmmaking, her journey to where she is today, as well as the power of stories, and the rare art of having a visit with another human being.

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Alan Mehanna

Having an actor for a father and a novel lover for a mother, you can say that storytelling has always been a big part of my life. As a Lebanese man who lived half of his life in the US, I believe that we all deserve a chance to tell our story, and have strived to ensure that my voice is heard via my award winning short films.

In 2018, I created SCRIPT2SCREEN in order to give young filmmakers a platform to share their concerns, struggles, celebrations, and dreams. As the show started to grow, I felt the need to expand SCRIPT2SCREEN and make it more of a critical yet nontoxic conversation about Film and Television but I couldn't do it alone so I brought on my best friend, brother, and now co-pilot HAD SOLO.

Since then, SCRIPT2SCREEN has grown a humble fanbase that we labeled our SCREENERS, and had the opportunity to be ambassadors at the MIDDLE EAST FILM & COMIC CON two years in a row, where I moderated two CELEBRITY PANELS, and even had HAD join me on stage a few times for some SCRIPT2SCREEN LIVE!