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Episode 8

McQuarrie Returns, Shyamalan Fails, Disney Monopolizes

Introductions, Hellos and Minor News

Movie(s) of the Week: Glass

Segment 1

Mission Impossible: 7 & 8 with Christopher McQuarrie at the helm

John Wick 3 Trailer Review

Ghostbusters in Original Universe

The Hunchback of Notre Dame live action remake 

Segment 2

Spider-man Far From Home Trailer Review

Steve Carrell and Greg Daniels working on a Space Force comedy series for Netflix

Bad Robot being Courted by Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.

Game of Thrones premiere Date in creepy trailer


1. Wanted: 12,642 entries

2. Mahraja: 11,402 entries

3. Time Out: 8,761 entries

4. The Mule: 5,452 entries

5. Aquaman: 4,923 entries


Alan's Pick: LoverBoy Media

Had's Pick: Lion (2016)

Final thoughts on the topics covered or new releases. Salutations and See you laters.

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